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You must know by now that one third of all women in this country are now delivering their babies by cesarean section. This is an amazing statistic when compared to the rest of the world and has to imply that many women are being deprived of choice and having unnecessary surgery often without their full informed consent. I have a teenage daughter. What will the future hold for her and all the future mothers in our country? The current obstetric environment does not bode well for these women and we have yet to experience the full knowledge of the physical and emotional damage being done by all these surgical births. For our beloved daughters and for the sake of all our future mothers the time to stand down is over. Make your voices heard.

Thank you so much,
Dr. Stu

A few years ago I watched the documentary "The Business of Being Born" and was really affected by what is unfortunately happening  in the birth process in this country and the undeniable frequency of cesarean sections. It is our rights as women to be informed of having choices about our labor and delivery and to actually even be able to make those choices and not just be told what to do or what will be done to them by their doctors. After experiencing my sister-in-law's home birth a few years ago as well-I knew I wanted the freedom and comforts that a home birth allows. My research into finding a home birthing team began then and I actually found something that was all together ideal for me-Dr. Stuart Fischbein. I was drawn to his ideals in the birth process and his incredible support for women. I also loved the idea of having the expertise of an OB in addition to a midwife delivering my baby right in my own home. And Dr. Fischbein's realm of expertise stretching far into natural twin, breech and VBAC delivery was a definite incentive for me.

I was very fortunate and my pregnancy was absolutely healthy and wonderful and all my prenatal visits with the doctor were a joy! Just very simple, non-invasive, informative and putting the power of choices always in my hands. He is just so good at what he does and is so knowledgeable that he makes you feel at ease-never creating any fear or alarm only educating. I could always text or call him with any questions or concerns and he was quick to respond and ease any worries. I felt fully cared for.

When I went into early labor he was always in touch and checking in with my husband as to my progression. When I was farther along around 12:30am, he came to our house. As soon as he got there he checked my vitals and every time would ask permission before even touching me-does that even exist in the hospital world anymore? Something as simple as that makes you feel so respected and cared for. I labored for several more hours in the birthing tub and out-always being checked on and cared for by the doctor and his amazing midwife Beth Cannon. His common sense philosophy combined with his high level of expertise in labor and delivery helped my delivery go so smoothly. He helped to turn possibly four hours of pushing into the only two that I did to deliver my baby safe and sound. And at 5:39am the doctor had my husband help him to gently pull the baby out and then had me reach down and pull my beautiful baby boy up on my chest. A remarkable miracle had happened in the peace and quiet of a home yet it was just another day at work for Dr. Stuart Fischbein. I was able to just lay in my own bed for the rest of the day with my husband and my incredible little boy-lavishing in the love and awe. It was an incredible birth experience that I had hoped for and I owe it all to this incredibly respectful, caring man. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows through in his work. I can't praise him enough as words cannot express how it feels to be helped to achieve a miracle and dream come true in your life.

Thanks and much love Dr. Stu!
-Elisha P. 


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