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Nascer em Amor

The Portuguese Association for Women´s Rights in Pregnancy and Birth´s next annual conference “Nascer em Amor” (Born with Love) will take place in May 2018, on the occasion of the International Week for Respecting Childbirth (IWRC) under the theme, ‘Less interference, more care‘. The focus of the conference will be on ‘Exceptional births‘: those that by nature are the exception in relation to the majority of births – twin birthsvaginal birth after caesareanbreech births and births that take place beyond 42 weeks (prolonged pregnancy).

With regards to these births – which we hope can be exceptional not only because of their statistical rarity – we will bring together families and birth professionals for a day of information, debate and sharing about the options available to both women and professionals. These four situations in focus usually set the stage for high rates of intervention (induction, instrumented delivery, caesarean), that bring with it its own set of risks and consequences for both mothers and babies.

It is our wish to shed light on the range of options, in accordance with best practice and the latest evidence, and also through women´s stories, so that more women can make truly informed decisions, and caesareans and other interventions are reserved for situations where the need is real or by maternal request. We hope to make a contribution to the improvement of maternal health care in Portugal, in accordance with the World Health Organization, the United Nations CEDAW Committee and the Portuguese Government´s recommendations.

Dr. Fischbein will be demonstrating techniques as well as discussing informed consent

Earlier Event: May 5
Later Event: May 19
Nascer em Amor