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Speaking at Indie Birth Midwifery Conference

We have big plans here at the Indie Birth Association, and have wanted to host a conference for a while. Women all over the world are contacting us, looking for a mixture of traditional, holistic, and science based midwifery care and are coming up empty time and again.  We need MORE birthkeepers, more holistic home birth attendants, and more traditional midwives. We need to create a new paradigm that is widely accessible so that the women who want to birth in this way have support to choose from. We need to create an alternative to hospital care and state controlled midwifery. Whatever you call yourself, or hope to call yourself someday, if you believe that the world needs more skilled, intuitive, mother-baby serving birth workers, then you should join us for a weekend of learning and sharing here in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

Our goal in the long term is to provide intermediate/advanced level learning that can build confidence and mutual support within the traditional midwifery community. We are living in a postmodern world, and we hope to synthesize intuition, traditional methods, and appropriate and empowering use of technology in ways that move us toward our vision of a new way of birthing the next generations.

This year's conference goal is to open up more meaningful discussion around some of the most taken for granted topics in the midwifery community, and to simultaneously bolster the skills to attend all women who ask for support. We want to foster concrete skill building while also becoming more comfortable with the inherent ambiguity and lack of control over pregnancy and birth experiences. We are tired of the same boring conversations that rarely scratch beneath the surface and aren't applicable to our real life work. We want more honest conversations about the unseen, unmeasurable and unmanageable aspects of birth. Our speakers are asking the hard questions, and serving women in ways that fit our vision. They are blending the sacred with the scientific, and combining expert skills with critical thinking around every aspect of care.

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