Always question motives.

From: Patricia Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 8:57:34 AM

Subject: Re: Couple of things about ACOG

Thanks, Dr. Fischbein, for this recent notice from ACOG. It does seem like we are going back to the Dark Ages! Well, at least, they are putting out a statement that it is "okay" from women to have more than icechips in labor. Really? Who are these people?!

Re: reporting of unsuccessful homebirths. It is curious that there is a need for data collection on numbers. I am suspicious as to the motive for data collection. But I hope that along with collecting the numbers, there is an assessment for the reasons for hospital transfer (i.e. emergency vs. nonemergency).

Have a great day!

Dear Patricia, You should be suspicious. Last year they came out and made a statement against homebirth based on Level C evidence (consensus opinion). Now, it seems, they are out to find out if they were correct. This is ass backwards thinking and reeks of bad research technique. "Here is what I think now we will try to find evidence to prove it!!" By the way, if they don't, you will never be told. Completely lacking in objectivity and, as I said before, what do the anecdotal stories mean without comparison to successes? Also, I do not see them asking members to report data on bad outcomes in hospital births as they have already concluded that hospitals or birthing centers attached to hospitals are the safest place to give birth. This is just such a witch hunt. Thanks, Dr.F