Does hospital position violate CHW Mission Statement?

This post is taken from the Catholic Healthcare West web site and titled: “Our Mission, Vision and Values”

CHW's respect for values including the dignity of persons, care for the poor, the common good and responsible stewardship are essential in our ministry of healing. We invite our partners to understand and participate in realizing our values, many of which we believe we hold in common with our partners

The Professional-Patient Relationship
We respect the privacy of the physician-patient relationship. A person in need of health care and the professional health care provider who accepts that person as a patient enter into a relationship that requires, among other things, mutual respect, trust, honesty and appropriate confidentiality. The resulting free exchange of information must avoid manipulation, intimidation, condescension or judgment. Such a relationship enables the patient to disclose personal information needed for effective care and permits the health care provider to use his or her professional competence most effectively to maintain or restore the patient's health. Neither the health care professional nor the patient acts independently of the other -- both participate in the healing process.
Health care is patient-centered. Patients have the right to make medical treatment decisions (including accepting or rejecting treatment), which includes free and informed consent, access to medical and other information regarding their care, the right to make an advance directive and to name a surrogate decision maker. Medical treatment decisions may generate ethical dilemmas for health care providers, patients and their families or surrogate decision-makers. An ethics committee or some alternative form of ethical consultation will be available to assist by advising on particular ethical situations, by offering educational opportunities and by reviewing and recommending policies

Accountable to Our Communities
We’re extremely proud of all we do for our communities, and consider serving those in need to be a privilege, a calling, and a mandate.
Each year we continue our tradition of excellence in patient care, investing in our communities, and supporting the overall, long-term health of those communities.
But how exactly are we doing, you ask?
• Our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report outlines the many examples and details of CHW’s commitment to sustaining its healing mission within the context of the critical issues confronting our nation and our planet. The report demonstrates our efforts to implement meaningful programs and also recognizes opportunities for improvement, with additional reporting on our economic impacts, our patient quality and safety initiatives. Read all about it.