No progress on Midwive's Privileges

My take: As of today, the hospital's legal counsel is still playing a childish game of semantics which is hurtful to both midwife and patient. We have honored their request for physicians willing to back them on days when I am in my other office. One of the physicians has not been approved because she requires proctoring for obstetric admissions. While this may sound reasonable it is really absurd. Her proctoring requirements have been in place since July of 2008 and have not changed. From July 2008 until January 2009 the midwives and I shared call with her and several other physicians. No one complained then. Since January she has covered several physicians in a call group without restriction. She has also covered me and the midwives when I had to go out of town. And no one complained then. When asked to explain this situation today, the chief of staff told me he would have to discuss this with legal counsel and get back to me tomorrow. It seems clear to me that these decisions are coming from a lawyer who benefits financially each time he can be obstructive and is in no hurry to respond or resolve this dilemma. Meanwhile it has now been 2 weeks since they abruptly restricted the midwives from caring for inpatients. Lets see if they follow through tomorrow and what they will think of next. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome. Dr. F