NY woman seeks VBAC provider

Dear Dr. Fischbein,
I just found out today that I am about 4 weeks pregnant! We are very
excited except that my OB, who delivered my two daughters, now nearly
13(emergency CS - due to distress of baby) and 11(VBAC) now tells me today
that a VBAC is "not allowed" because it is too dangerous. I am floored. I
do not want to have a c-section. The recovery from the first one so long
ago was very difficult. And since I did the VBAC successfully before, I
would like to do it again. However, now I must find another OB and
hospital that will allow it. I am having trouble finding a VBAC
supportive OB on the web. Perhaps you could help me - or at least tell me
a website that can help me locate one? I am located in Orange County, NY -
my zipcode is 10990. Thank you in advance for your help. Jen Emm

Dear readers: "Too dangerous" is routinely being substituted for true evidenced based informed consent. This sort of subjective counseling for a variety of motives is becoming pervasive and part of the culture. It is a prime example of the well known propaganda technique of, "Tell a lie, tell it often, tell it loud and it becomes truth". If you have any ideas for Jen please comment below and feel free to e-mail her. Thanks, Dr.F