9/12 Rally in Thousand Oaks

Here are the details:

What: "912 Protest Against Socialized Health Care and Government Spending."
Where: Hillcrest & Lynn Rd., NE corner, across from the Oaks Mall parking lot.
When: Speakers: 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. ----- Protest: 11:00 - 3:00 p.m.
M.C.: Trevor Woolley
Organizer: Carolyn Guillot -- 805-262-2477

Hope you can attend. We are all individuals with life experiences that make us unique and shape our decisions. We are not identical, our lives should not be relegated to an RVS code and one size fits all medical guidelines set by faceless panels. Having been a practicing physician for more than a quarter century I have seen the demise of personal liberty to the detriment of the individual. Whether it is big business or big government, we should not trust our lives to those motivated by economics. Surrendering personal choices and responsibility to the false god of "equality" will lead only to enslavement. Never a good thing.

You all know the issues that I stand for. Birth choices and personal responsibility. My belief is that this can best be achieved through changes in the current system and not a government run system. While dealing with insurance companies is all too often maddening beyond reason, it is so much worse trying to care for patients under the current government programs of MediAid and MediCare. Doctors cannot make a living, run a business and do what is right by their patients under this immense regulatory burden, poor reimbursement and the fear of a guilty until proven innocent audit and legal system. If an insurance company wrongs a patient or a practitioner there are avenues of recompense. And as burdensome as they might be one can sometimes prevail. You can appeal to their medical reviewers, the insurance commissioner or even sue. But who can you appeal to when the government run insurance company harms you?

So, this among many reasons is why I support the private sector with oversight. Oversight, not over regulation. Government is the problem! The reason there is no competition from out of state insurers is government regulation. The reason that the few remaining in state insurers offer one size fits all policies is government mandate. You have heard this before but here is what government can do, and within weeks, to show they mean what they say.
1) Remove blocks to interstate commerce. If you can buy your TV from Ohio why not your health insurance?
2) Remove employers as the purchasers of health insurance and thus make it portable. Would you let your employer dictate the one model of car you can have?
3) Stop insurers from cherry picking healthy patients and excluding ones with prexisting conditions. Here is where a government pool supported by charitable organizations supported by citizens freed from high tax burdens could contribute to those truly unfortunate.
4) Allow decisions to return to the patients and their practitioners who know them as individuals. I support use of outcomes data and evidenced based decision making. No panels or guidelines that dictate one size fits all policies.
And 5) The greatest restriction to meaningful reform in all areas of our lives, not just health care, is the American tort system. Fear of being sued drives up costs everywhere. you cannot have meaningful, cost saving health reform without tort reform. Liberals must capitulate on this or all other reforms, government or private, will not work. How can anyone support a system that holds a health care worker or institution responsible for an adverse outcome when the diagnosis or treatment is delayed because of bureaucratic inefficiencies?

Imagine you have a new headache. Your physician examines you and thinks an MRI is necessary. He orders one but there is a delay of 4 months before you are allowed to get it. In the meantime you have a stroke. Is the doctor at fault? In the currently proposed healthcare bill, without tort reform, he/she would be. A career destroyed. What doctor would want to practice under such a system. Even more worrisome is who is going to want to go into medical school knowing this is what awaits them. A life of living under the microscope of Monday morning quarterbacks holding a legal axe over your head. The President and Congress want to rush through a bill that few have read, almost no one understands and spend trillions of dollars faster than I could get you that MRI. Now I have a headache!! How much for a couple aspirin?