International Breech Conference Coming Up

Just to let you all know I have been asked and am honored to speak at a panel discussion on breech delivery at the International Breech Conference in Ottawa, Canada on October 15-16th.

I think Ina May is also schedule to appear there. The full schedule of events can be found at the website below. Hope you will spread the word and please let me know if you or any of your colleagues plan to attend. I hope to share ideas about bringing back the option of selected breech delivery to America as the Canadian Ob/Gyn Society has recently endorsed. Would be great to see youthere, Stuart

Breech Conference

International Breech Conference

The Bronson Centre

Ottawa, Canada - October 15-16, 2009

Conference Registration
Pre-Conference Workshop
Evening Event: Birth, a play by Karen Brody
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The International Breech Conference is a forum where birth professionals and parents alike can share their knowledge and experience with breech birth, creating a community which can work together towards breech delivery practices and protocols which respect the individual needs of each family and each birth.

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Marek Glezerman will be joining us from Tel Aviv. Dr. Glezerman published important early criticism of the Term Breech Trial and will be speaking from the perspective of a centre that participated in the contraversial TBT.

The programme features prominent doctors, midwives, and researchers from around the world, including Germany, Australia, the UK, and the United States, as well as speakers from Ottawa and across Canada. Topics range from varying techniques and protocols of breech delivery, to education of mothers and informed choice issues, to methods of assisting breech babies to turn to vertex.
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Registration fees are on a sliding scale. Registering as an Obstetrician or Professional (a category including family doctors, nurses, midwives, naturopaths, chiropractors, and doulas) may include CME or CEU credits.

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Doctors, Midwives, and Nurses may register separately for "A Day at the Breech", a hands-on workshop featuring Jane Evans, UK Midwife and internationally acknowledged expert in breech birth, as well as Dr. Frank Louwen and Dr. Anke Reitter of Frankfurt, Germany, whose work in the last five years delivering breeches with the mother in the upright position has eliminated the need for forceps rescues.

Registration is limited. To register or to get on the waiting list for A Day at the Breech, please send an email to

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