Just an Update

Hi all, Very little news to report this week on my interactions with my hospital. Seems as long as I "behave" to their liking and, as such, ignore certain patients rights issues and give consent and admit patients per their recommendations all is well. Except that I have had to refer 5 patients this past month to other doctors or institutions so that they could have a chance at a vaginal birth. I have also had 2 patients reluctantly agree to a repeat c/section because they would prefer to remain with The Woman's Place and my care. I am waiting for my attorney to review some of their letters to see if we can at least challenge the taking of my credentialed privilege to do vaginal breech deliveries. I have long been approved to do them and there is no official policy against vaginal breech delivery at the hospital and yet they have told me if I allow another scheduled breech delivery they will suspend my obstetric privileges. Your support through all this has been uplifting but the process of trying to do what seems right to me is so tedious and slow. I have been invited to speak at a health care forum in Westlake Village on October 1st at the Calvary Church. Open to the public. I am hoping to attend the international breech conference in Ottawa next month. I have also offered to attend a Catholic Healthcare West seminar in Sacramento, October 9th, on obstetric policies in the CHW system to provide an alternative voice. I need approval from the chairman of the OB committee at St. John's in order to go so I am not holding my breath. Its been more than a week since I sent my written request. Will keep you posted.