Update From Ottawa

OK, So we are on lunch break at the Coalition for Breech Birth's International Breech Conference. Very good lecture by Dr. Glezerman from Tel Aviv. Pointed out the reasoning and flaws behind the conclusions of the 2004 "Term Breech Trial" that has caused so much consternation. Much emphasis on what I have been saying about the obstacles to choice and the restrictions on practitioners in the hospital based model. So jazzed about the direction we are heading with a birth center in SoCal designed for supportive nurturing birthing. Whenever I go to one of these meetings surrounded by supportive, logical and caring people I feel like my gas tank gets filled up with super premium fuel. I know it is a leap from a small birthing center to one that serves more as full maternity center with the option of an operating room on the premises. You know that has been my vision for a while and I am convinced we can get there. For once we have such a set up then we can promote an environment that is accepted and nurturing to all appropriate women including breech and VBAC. Midwives may have to lead the way back for breech deliveries since the numbers of breeches out there are probably going to remain too low to retrain doctors unless we have some sort of referral center for breeches. Someday, maybe our place could be a model for allowing patients the dignity of choice while having the numbers to be a training facility for future deliverers of breech babies. Thus, removing some of the monopoly on obstetrics and the hospital model which is based mainly on fear and what can go wrong. Sacrificing the beauty and satisfaction of the majority of births that go right. More to follow. S