Community Standard ?

So, I finally got tired of being ignored and called Dr. Torres as he apparently did not have the courtesy to return my e-mails and letters. He told me that members of the OB committee met last week and decided there was no need to have any meetings or discussion about making a breech delivery protocol. Although in September I was assured that I would have some input in the discussion, it did not happen. Since no one but me in the community offers breech deliveries, he states that I am outside of the "community standard" and elective breech deliveries would not be allowed. When I pointed out that Terry Cole also does breech deliveries he mumbled something about not caring what Dr. Cole does at Community Memorial Hospital down the road. When I asked if only one doctor in our department was doing a certain special surgical procedure would that, too, be outside the "community standard" and be banned? He had no honest answer. I received a letter later today reiterating our conversation and suggesting that I seek privileges at another institution if I wanted to do breeches. This is a disingenuous suggestion as changing hospitals is not a simple task. So while I am credentialed to perform breech deliveries at my hospitals and ACOG and SOGC support this option the administration has made a final decision not to allow this without any meeting, hearing or due process. A sad day for the women of Ventura County. I am looking at all options and am open to any suggestions. Dr. F