Another Letter to Chairman

Below is an e-mail sent today. Just the latest in a series of attempts to get the OB department at St. John's Regional Medical Center to honor their word to me and obligation to the community.

Dear Juan, I just saw another patient at 36 weeks who is breech. She meets all the ACOG criteria for a vaginal attempt should efforts to turn the baby fail. I have been patiently waiting since September for a promised meeting about breech deliveries. I submitted a protocol to you through Claudia at the last department meeting per Dr. Niesluchowski's suggestion. I would like to be able to offer this woman a vaginal birth at St. John's. I am competent, willing and privileged to do so but seemed to be blocked by the inaction of our department. I am asking again for you to contact me to schedule a meeting to discuss forming a breech protocol. Further delays seem unreasonable. I would like to work with the department on this to be sure that patients in our community are given all viable options. Please work with me on this. As I am aware of the slow process involved I would like permission on a case by case basis to perform selected breech deliveries. I would be happy to discuss each individual case with you or the incoming new chairman.

Sincerely, Stuart