February 6th, 2010 Article in Ventura County Star

Hi All, My daughter's Bat Mitzvah was a huge success. It is good to be reminded of the joys in life from time to time. I hope everyone now understands why I have not been blogging much the past couple months.

Well, by now you are likely aware of the article in the Ventura County Star concerning the banning of midwife deliveries at Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo, CA. ( http://www.vcstar.com/news/2010/feb/06/st-johns-pleasant-valley-forbids-midwife-as-of/ ) I have written that is was coming and now as of today, February 8th, it is official. Please read the article and consider forwarding it to everyone you know in the birthing world. Have them join up with the Birth Action Coalition now. While my blog has been documenting many absurdities and intrusions into the rightful choices of patients and their families by the OB committee and administration of St. John's Regional and Pleasant Valley, this new "policy" highlights clearly their vindictiveness behind their platitudes and flawed arguments. Mr. Murray and Dr. Carter's comments should be read very carefully. Mr. Murray undermines the safety and reputation of his own institution (Pleasant Valley Hospital). Why would he do that? I still believe one of their intentions is to lower the delivery numbers there to the point where they can justify closing the labor unit at PV. Dr. Carter undermines their whole argument when he says this is a doctor issue about me and has to do with home birth transfers. These patients have nothing to do with the 2 credentialed CNMs on staff who now have had their privileges revoked at one campus in an unprecedented move. And neither Mr. Murray or Dr. Carter legitimately answers the question of why it is unsafe for midwives low risk patients but OK for obstetricians to continue to deliver at PV. What is clear, however, is that behind closed doors, without comment from those affected, without concern of being held accountable and, seemingly, without concern for professionalism, patient autonomy or current medical evidence a persecution is taking place. This is not in the best interest of patients, midwives and anyone who believes in honesty and due process.

Again, please consider joining the BAC ( see link on right) and contacting anyone who might have media connections or pull with the Board of Directors or CHW corporate leaders. Thanks, Dr. F