Op-Ed in Ventura County Star

Hi, By now, I am sure you all have heard that the newspaper published my piece on Pediatric Policy and the banning of midwives at PV. Seemed well received except for one ugly commentor. I am used to that by now. It is standard fare for those that lack the facts on a different viewpoint to resort to name calling. Does not amount to much and we should not engage those that hide behind anonymity. Wonder what someone does for a life that they spend so many hours at the computer on a lovely Sunday spewing venom?

Also, BAC led another street corner protest last Saturday. Happily good weather, sadly no press this time. But about 50 people gathered for 2 hours to politely demonstrate for midwives and birth choices. I suspect you can see some of the photos on the BAC website shortly. They plan to keep up the noise and let corporate CHW know that a integral part of the local community is not happy with the midwife ban.

Dr. F