Laying Low and letting the process work

I have not posted in nearly two weeks. But that does not mean things aren't happening out here in Ventura County. Some revealing events are taking shape but the details are protected by their veil of confidentiality. One important event happening next month is the arrival of an investigative panel sent by ACOG to review the policies, procedures and doings of the OB committee. Apparently, things have finally gotten so obviously bad with this committee that even the always complicit hospital administration had to do something. There was no hiding it anymore. So they have hired a group of ACOG physicians and nurses, at a price tag of more than $37,000.00, to come for 4 days and perform an "objective" investigation, chart, policy and meeting minute reviews and conduct personal interviews with all members of the department including midwives. At the OB department meeting I was specifically assured by one of the hospitals top administrators that anyone who wanted to be interviewed would have 30 minutes in private. Now, however, there are rumors that they may be backing away from this promise. There are many of us who would make a lot of noise if they even try something like that. I am hopeful that this will be the first step in returning honesty, common sense and reason back to our department. I would like to see those that have for so long abused their position of power be humbled to the point of apology and punishment and we can hope for a revamping of the committee model and a return to evidenced based medicine and national standards that benefit patients rather than a small totalitarian group of petty obstetricians forcing their will upon us.

Also, Joyce, Victoria and I have almost completed the final edits of "Fearless Pregnancy, 2nd edition" and hope to have a release date in early June. It will be available online in real soft-cover book form or as a download e-book format. Amy Tinney and I also have 2 meetings this week with persons possibly interested in helping with our maternity center idea. I see Laurel Phillips has some fundraising events going on up in Santa Barbara. Please check out the Santa Barbabra Birth Center web site for details. I may also soon be helping out with the Sanctuary birth team as a consultant in the Los Angeles office and I have heard exciting news that they will soon have a facility for midwife assisted out of hospital birthing on LA's west side. All the best, Dr. F