Good News!!

Hi All, have been off the radar for a few weeks as some important issues sort themselves out. For now I must remain silent but hopeful that things will be improving for women's birth choices in my community. Your voices have helped and there is no reason to stop now. I speak out when injustice appears in the birthing world and there has been plenty to talk about but now there are some voices of reason appearing and lets see where this goes.

In the really good news arena, the second edition of "Fearless Pregnancy" is now available on line as a book or a download. You can find it at

and soon it will be linked directly from our website at as well. It continues to remind women that pregnancy is not a disease state and does not need to be treated as an illness in almost all cases. We have added some updates in new technologies, ideas and evidenced based approaches that are confirming what many of us knew as truth before. The book still has the easy reading wisdom it had in the first edition. It would make a great gift for loved ones who are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy soon as it would help them have a calm enjoyable voyage through one of life's greatest moments. Dr. F