Time Magazine Cover

Just a quick thought on the recent time cover story about the significance of external factors during intrauterine life that may play a much more significant role in our health and wellbeing than previously thought. Traditional teaching about how we end up has always been nurture v. nature, heredity v. environment. Well, it appears that there is growing data to support the idea that exposure to many things in utero may play just as big a role in determining our physical and mental health later in life. This comes as an interesting "discovery" to those of us brought up in the medical/scientific world but is well known to my colleagues trained in the more natural world of midwifery and common sense. The midwifery model emplores women to be in a healthy state of mind and body before and during pregnancy and has known the benefit of this knowledge for centuries. It is nice to see the science catch up with the empirically obvious and kudos to Time for a nonpartisan story that is beneficial to all. Dr. F