Panel Discussions and Thank Yous

So many people to thank for their efforts this weekend. Saturday, the Sanctuary Birth and Family Wellness team sponsored a panel discussion after viewing 3 films, Laboring Under an Illusion, Guerilla Midwife and Orgasmic Birth, at the Santa Monica Library. The Q and A session was vigorous and well received. Thanks to Clara for her excellent work putting it together and to the staff at the library.

Today, I spoke on a panel discussing pregnancy, birth and child development in the context of nurturing the next generation of leaders at the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center. A very inspiring group joined me in sharing our stories and insights. Thanks to Cecily, Karen, Anna, Susan and Ishmael for their selfless and amazing contributions to the betterment of future generations. I was honored to be included amongst these visionaries.

Oh, and lastly, thanks to TIVO, Bret Farve and The Minnesota Vikings for finally pulling one out after making me a nervous wreck. And to beautiful sunsets like the one we had this evening. And to my daughter, Madeleine, who did a great job singing a Guns and Roses song at her recital this evening. It was a great weekend. Dr. F