A Year Without Midwives

Anniversaries are usually celebrated in honor of a positive life event. Weddings, first dates, career successes to name a few. They mark a milestone of sorts in our lives and are the means by which we keep track of those meaningful moments. Sometimes, however, they recall more tragic or sad events such as Pearl Harbor, yahrzeit in the Jewish religion for the loss of a loved one and, of course, 9/11. On a much smaller scale but still quite significant here in Ventura County it has now been more than a year since, by the stroke of a pen, the certified nurse midwives were banned from Pleasant Valley hospital.

While rumors have circulated for a while now as to whether or when they will return the fact remains that nothing has changed and no plausible explanation has ever been offered. One rumor has it they are trying to figure out how to have NICU coverage at PV. If they were really motivated to get this done there is no way it would drag on so long. Really does not seem that hard to solve. But since doctors still deliver there it can't be pediatric or anesthesia "safety" anyway as was the bogus reason given last year. Still veiled in secrecy, the process and motives baffle the mind. You don't need me to try to explain the inexplicable. When something defies common sense and the reasoning just doen't add up to all of you then it has to have some ulterior motive. If it looks fishy it probably is.

Some of the newer PV hospital administrators seem to support the return, however, nothing happens. Why? Maybe time for supporters of midwfery and honesty to write once again a letter to Ann Kelley, MD Chief of Staff or Laurie Eberst, the not so new anymore CEO. Call the Ventura County Star and wake them up while you are at it. Don't expect much from any of them in return. This is a anniversary that should never have happened. Dr. F