Special Delivery

With permission from the family, it is with great joy and pride that I can announce my first home twin delivery. On Valentine's day my multiparous client went into labor at 37+ weeks with known breech/breech twins. The family had previously had 2 successful home VBACs and knew that no hospital would have allowed her desire to deliver breech twins vaginally. She approached the Sanctuary Birth and Family Wellness Center in Los Angeles several months ago and we agreed to care for her. She was a wonderful candidate, well-informed and highly motivated with a background in the natural birth community. Her labor started with ruptured membranes about 3AM. She finally kicked into high gear just after dinner. The little girls behaved smashingly in utero giving mom her opportunity. Baby A was born breech on all fours in water at 10:05PM on February 14th, 2011. Things then settled down with contractions spacing out and Baby B happy as a clam. Meanwhile mom tried nursing and dad and big sister took turns skin to skin with Baby A when mom needed a break. Shortly after midnight labor kicked back in and at 12:20 AM on February 15th Baby B was born breech on all fours on land. The family was amazing as was the birth team assembled. Much is possible with an informed patient with the right attitude and confidence in her body. Trusting the birth process and allowing nature to do its thing will often win out if we let it. I have to admit it feels wonderful to be freed from rigid policies and restrictive protocols, often void of common sense or evidenced based support. If hospitals will not allow women the right of true informed consent and refusal, I and the Sanctuary Midwives are proud to give them another option. Regards to all, Dr. F