ACOG silence remains deafening

MEDSCAPE: Planned Home vs Hospital Birth: A Meta-Analysis Gone Wrong: A Flawed Analysis

This is potentially very significant. The authors of the British Columbia and Netherlands home birth studies that were allegedly included in the Wax Paper have published a devastating attack on that study on Medscape:

Thanks to Susan Jenkins and Linda Bennett for forwarding me this link. My respect goes out to the authors of this rebuttal to the Wax, et al paper. These men and women did the honorable and tedious work of breaking down the data and critically analyzing Wax's methods and conclusions. I forwarded this information to the President of ACOG, Richard Waldman, MD. It is very difficult these days for anyone to admit they made a mistake. There is no shame in doing so, I know, and it is time for ACOG to do the same regarding Committee Opinion #476. Dr. F