I guess "When" is this Monday

The Headline in the Ventura County Star reads:

Midwife restrictions at St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital will be lifted next week


While good news is always nice to pass along, midwife Lynn Olson says it best. This (ban) should never have happened in the first place. So 14 months after they were inexplicably removed to the canard of "safety issues" per the former CEO, midwives are set to return on Monday. Oddly, seems that Lynn and Joyce, the only 2 CNMs working there, need to be recredentialed. Sort of unusual since they have maintained their credentials at the sister hospital, St Johns, all this time. This would seem to be a new policy or legal barrier placed on them and only them as it has always been that credentialing at one of the 2 campuses gave you privileges at both. Lastly, the administration has supposedly used these 14 months to create new policies to ensure safety of midwife patients. Yet they do not detail what those policies are nor why doctors working there throughout the midwife ban could function without them. I have the belief that these decisons will someday be looked at under a microscope and those most involved held responsible for their unrepentant and inexplicable actions against these devoted CNMs. For now, good news for the women of Camarillo. Dr F