What is.....Breech delivery at home?

If I were playing Jeopardy and the answer was: "The only option left in SoCal to a woman whose baby is butt first", the question would be.......(see title).

Proud to announce the delivery of little Andrew this morning, bruised bottom and all, to excited first time parents, Eva & Jared. When faced with no other option but forced, not elective, cesarean section they chose, instead, the unlikely option of a home breech delivery. Informed of options, risks and benefits and knowing they would like to have many children they felt that c/section was a bad choice for them. Hospital vaginal birth with the one doctor who still accepts primip breeches was financially nonviable due the limitations of their HMO policy. The Sanctuary Birth and Family Wellness Center midwives and I were delighted to help this couple achieve their goal in the comfort and privacy of their own bedroom. Using the skills I learned in training and adhering to specific guidelines for the safety of breech vaginal birth made this choice possible. Respecting the right of true informed consent and all birth options made it a wonderful day for all involved. Thanks Molly and Heather Anne. Dr. F