Long Distance VBAC

On June 4th, just after sunrise, I was honored to particpate in the birth of a beautiful baby boy to a delighted couple who traveled down from Oregon to have their baby at the Sanctuary Birth Suite. Mom had a c/section with her first child and when it was difficult to bring the baby through a low transverse incision her physician had to "T" the incision to accomplish the delivery. Because of this incision her operative report stated that a repeat c/section should be recommended. She had a midwife in Oregon but could find no doctor willing to back up her desire for a VBAC. The couple researched her options and found me through the internet. After corresponding for a bit they decided to travel down and meet the team. We all hit it off and upon reviewing the records I did not see a reason she should be forced to have a repeat c/section and felt an attempt at VBAC was reasonable. In my training we often allowed women with low vertical c/sections to have a trial of labor with good success. This is not the same as a classical c/section. At 36 weeks she moved the family down to Los Angeles and just 2 days after her due date went into labor. Less than 12 hours later she gave birth to an 8 pound, 7 ounce baby brother.

We were honored that she chose to educate herself in the risks and benefits of all her birth options. This is a right that belongs to all pregnant women. That there was no one she could find in the entire state of Oregon to support her is tragic. This is a trend that I hope can be reversed by truth and example and loud word of mouth. Dr. F