We can all learn something from Ibu Robin

Inspired! One cannot spend time with midwife Robin Lim and not come away with a sense of peace and inspiration. For over 20 years Robin has cared for women at her clinics in Bali, Indonesia. Providing health and maternity services to all women regardless of economic status in a country in desperate need. For her tireless efforts she was awarded the CNN Hero of the Year award this past week.


I was fortunate enough to have a few minutes with her last evening at a gathering in Montecito, CA. What wonderful, and sometimes tragic, stories she has to tell. So much love and nurturing affection in the room full of people eager for such sanity in the world of birthing. In the midst of all the deserved attention and accolades that Robin is receiving I read an article written by Stacia Guzzo titled, "The Paradoxical Perception of Midwifery in American Culture". The contrast it presents is startling and disturbing and speaks for itself. Please take a moment to read.


Thank you Robin and Wil and Mary Jackson and all my colleagues and friends who, by example, bring peace, common sense and respect for the individual back to birth. Dr F