Ok, so many of my colleagues have noted that I always have an opinion and usually a strong one and a relevant one. They say, and I agree, that I should get out there more and advocate for the good things we do to counter so much of the bloviating that goes on from those against reasonable ideas and choices in birthing. Finally I have taken this advice to heart. It is with excitement and a big smile that I am announcing the creation of my very own podcast with original name of Dr. Stu's Podcast with Brian Whitman at www.drstuspodcast.com

Brian is my friend and an accomplished radio personality currently on morning AM radio 870 in Los Angeles and brings his expertise and wit to the show. We discuss timely medical issues and current events. No topic is off limits from the medical world to politics to current events and, of course, LA Kings hockey. Its an informative, informal conversation and banter so come join us. Your support, as always, is appreciated.

Listen online or download for free on iTunes as Dr. Stu's Podcast. The first 3 episodes are up. I will be adding at least 2 new ones every week. Please pass it on, give it a high "5" ranking. Comments and questions are welcome at drstuspodcast@gmail.com