From a Father’s Perspective


I had the privilege to witness the birth of my son which also happened to have been a planned, home, breech birth.  My son decided with only one month until his due date to flip head up.  Up until that moment, my wife and I were on track for the home birth that we had been planning.  Of course with the news of a breech birth comes all of the information about the dangers during birth, the mandatory C-section if done at a hospital, etc.  The home birth that we had wanted didn’t look like a reality any more. 

To my wife, if our baby was head up, then he would just come out feet first.  It didn’t make sense to her why it was such a big deal.  I on the other hand after hearing the news, Googled “breech birth”.  The articles I read didn’t make the weeks of trying “Spinning Babies” exercises in a desperate attempt to flip our son any easier.  I remember it wasn’t until we started watching some of the YouTube videos of breech births that I started to feel that maybe we could still do this without having to have a C-section.

It was the success stories that I read on the internet and the videos of beautiful, breech births on YouTube that helped to ease the stress of a worried father-to-be.  My warmest thanks goes out to everyone who has shared their stories on the Internet and to Dr. Fischbein, Lindsey Meehleis and her team of midwives.  With all of your support, we brought a healthy life into this world and created a happy, loving family of three!

-Doug W.