Welcome Blyss!

stuart fischbein blyss young birth

We are excited to announce, Birthing Instincts family is growing. Blyss Young, LM, CPM has joined the team. 

With many of our clients, Blyss will work closely with Dr. Fischbein as part of his collaborative approach to maternity care. Midwives have a vast sum of knowledge on pregnancy, normal birth, breastfeeding and postpartum care that supports the Birthing Instincts model of the combination of obstetrician and midwife as the best model of care for most pregnant women.

Blyss will also be offering childbirth education classes and as well as placenta preparation. 

"As his student I was blessed to be trained in breech and twin deliveries. Along with many other cases that would be considered out of the scope for midwives." Blyss said.  

"It's such an honor and a blessing to learn from and now work side-by-side with a provider who with integrity walks the talk of TRUE informed consent."

In 2006 Blyss co-founded and operated The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center, the first of its kind offering a full spectrum center where midwives, doctors and other holistic practitioners collaborated to provide thousands of Los Angeles families care during the prenatal and postpartum periods.

Longing for an intimate traditional midwifery practice similar to the ones that had supported her 3 pregnancies, Blyss closed the center in 2015 allowing her to pursue yet another long held dream of becoming a midwife herself. 

You can find more information Blyss's work by visiting her websites, Birthing Blyss and Just Placentas then follow her on Facebook.