Dr. Stu meets with an expecting couple at  The Sanctuary

Dr. Stu meets with an expecting couple at The Sanctuary

Dr. Fischbein offers a full range of obstetric services in office  as well as many in client's homes. With a unique approach informed by decades of providing prenatal and birth services both in and out-of-hospital, Dr. Stu is able to serve your specific needs. In addition to offering thorough and extended prenatal visits, Dr. Stu offers in-office ultrasounds and genetic testing, just as you would find in a regular OB practice.  

Dr. Stu is LA's only OB/Gyn specializing in natural breech, twin and VBAC (Vaginal birth after Cesarean) birth. Following the recent changes in California law, midwives are no longer allowed to provide care for breech or twin deliveries. If you are wanting a natural delivery and carrying twins, planning a VBAC, or your baby is presenting breech towards the end of your pregnancy, please contact us right away so you can consult with Dr. Stu and make a personalized plan for your birth. 

To consult about the option of natural delivery for twins, breech and VBAC, or for more information about how you can have Dr. Stu as part of your prenatal and birth team, please contact us

General Services include:

  • Prenatal Visits in office or in home
  • Birth & Delivery Service - in home or at the birth center
  • Postpartum Home Visits
  • Ultrasounds
    • Nuchal Translucency Certified & 1st trimester genetic screening options including NIPT and amniocentesis                                          
    • 1st Trimester Abdominal US          
    • 2nd-3rd Trimester Abdominal US 
    • 20  Week Anatomic Screen (aka Structural Ultrasound)
    • Abdominal & Vaginal OB/GYN Ultrasounds  (not prenatal) 
    • 3-D Ultrasounds 
  • Prenatal Exams, normally monthly up to 28 weeks, then bi-monthly from 28-36 weeks, then weekly from 36-41 weeks and then twice weekly until birth.
  • One home visit 1-2 months before your baby is due if you are planning a home birth
  • Appropriate laboratory testing during pregnancy after informed consent (A lab fee may be added)
  • Midwife and/or physician attendance through birth and immediate postpartum period
  • Management of normal labor and use of appropriate skills and techniques to keep you safe
  • Medical equipment for labor, birth and postpartum
  • Newborn Exam and Breastfeeding assistance
  • Appropriate home postpartum visits
  • Telephone consultation 24/7 during the pregnancy and postpartum
  • Resource referral and reading/video recommendations

Discussion topics at prenatal visits will include:

  • Nutritional counseling and diet analysis to help ensure optimal health for you and your baby
  • Medical & obstetrical history, prenatal screening options and risk assessment for home birthing
  • Birth supplies and how to prepare for an out of hospital birth
  • Preparation of siblings and other family members.
  • Discussion of doulas, classes & consultants
  • Education about pregnancy and labor norms and risks.
  • Discussion of transport situations

We provide the following equipment at your birth: Intermittent fetal monitoring by Doppler, blood pressure cuff & stethoscope, urine test strips, catheters, amniohooks, sterile instruments for suturing, sterile gloves, syringes and appropriate medications, IV needles and tubing, suctioning devices for baby, ambubag for newborn resuscitation, baby scale, baby medicines if desired, vacuum devices and forceps.

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