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Heads Up Virtual Live Screening
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Heads Up Virtual Live Screening

Join Executive Producer Dr. Elliot Berlin and special guests Dr. Stuart Fischbein and Midwife/Spinning Babies founder Gaily Tully for a live virtual screening of 'Heads Up: The Disappearing Art of Vaginal Breech Delivery' on Sunday, March 6th, 2016 at 4:30PM PST (6:30PM Central, 7:30PM Eastern).

Tickets are $12.00 and can be purchased here:

After watching the film in reel time with people all over the globe, there will be a live chat discussion with our esteemed guests Dr. Stuart Fischbein and Gaily Tully. Come with questions!

Space is limited. Get your tix today!


Running time: 34 minutes. From executive producer Dr. Elliot Berlin, DC: A breech baby is born nearly every four minutes in the United States. Until the year 2000, a woman could opt to birth her breech baby vaginally or via surgery. Then, in 2001, a study came out that took away one of those options. The study was later found to be faulty, but the damage was already done--vaginal breech birth was almost completely eliminated from medical school training and from delivery rooms. ‘Heads Up’ features several women confronted with the disappearance of this option for their breech babies. Among others, actress Morena Baccarin and holistic living personality Kimberly Van Der Beek struggle to find providers who will attend them in a vaginal breech birth--all under the pressure of their imminent due dates. Through their personal accounts and the perspectives of medical professionals, Heads Up explores this widely misunderstood subject and the need to restore this lost art and lost option.


Dr. Elliot Berlin is an award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator and labor doula. His Informed Pregnancy® Project aims to utilize multiple forms of media to compile and deliver unbiased information about pregnancy and childbirth to empower new and expectant parents to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy and parenting journey.

Stuart James Fischbein, MD was Board Certified in 1989 and became a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology in 1990. He has been a practicing obstetrician in Southern California since completing his residency. While well trained at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the standard medical model of obstetrics he had the respect and vision to support the midwifery model of care and served as a backup consultant to many home and birthing center midwives for 25 years. In 1996 he founded The Woman’s Place for Health, Inc., a collaborative practice of Certified Nurse Midwives and Obstetricians in Camarillo, California.

In 2004, Dr. Fischbein co-authored, “Fearless Pregnancy, Wisdom & Reassurance from a Doctor, a Midwife and a Mom” . For his efforts he has been awarded the Doulas Association of Southern California (DASC) Physician of the year award three times and was the very first recipient of DASC’s lifetime achievement award in support of pregnant women. He has spoken internationally on breech and vaginal birth after cesarean section and has appeared in many documentaries, including: “More Business of Being Born”, “Happy Healthy Child”, “Reducing Infant Mortality”, “Heads Up: The Disappearing Art of Vaginal Breech Delivery” and multiple YouTube videos discussing birth choices and respect for patient autonomy and decision making.

Dr. Fischbein now works directly with home birthing midwives at and offers hope for those women who prefer and respect a natural birthing environment and cannot find supportive practitioners for VBAC, twin and breech deliveries. He recently published his retrospective review,  “Home Birth with an Obstetrician, A Series of 135 Births”  in the Obstetric & Gynecology International Journal.

Gail Tully is certified professional midwife, has been active in the Minneapolis birth scene since 1981 with grass roots birth activism and hospital doula programs, midwifery education. Her homebirth practice is now limited to consultation during special births.
Online since 2002, has become a world presence offering reassurance about fetal positioning and natural birth. Gail seeks to understand the dynamic interplay of mother and baby through the process of birth, including her development of Belly Mapping as published in booklet form, featured in Ruth Ancheta and Penny Simkin’s Labor Progress Handbook, and on
Resolving Shoulder Dystocia and Breech Basics are midwifery continuing education courses Gail had developed and provides in addition to Spinning Babies Workshop.
Gail speaks around the world at her own and other’s birth conferences and events, including Spinning Babies Workshops, Midwifery Today, SIA Parto, and the Spinning Babies World Confluence.

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