Baby flips after visit to Berlin Wellness Group

On a nice positive note, I saw a patient today, September 4th, at 40 weeks gestation upon the kind referral from Elliot Berlin, DC. She thinks she might have been in breech position for several weeks but was only confirmed by her doctor in Pomona 2 days ago. This left little time for interventions that might help turn the baby. She was also concerned because there was no practitioner in her area she could find to take her on at this late date let alone offer a breech vaginal delivery.

She underwent chiropractic manipulations yesterday and last night reports a lot of fetal movement. Upon presenting to my Camarillo office today ( a very long drive from Pomona!) I am happy to report the baby had spontaneously flipped to vertex. Ultrasound confirmed the findings on Leopold's maneuver and the environment around this 8 pound baby looked great. She was sent home with a binder and hopes renewed for a natural birth back in Pomona. Kudos to the wonderful doctors at the Berlin Wellness Group and to the dedication of such marvelous parents who endured the drive through the infamous LA traffic to keep the dream of their desired birth experience alive. Dr. F