Comment on Huffington Post

As a newly trained physician just out of residency back in the 80s I remember inviting my parents to Las Vegas for my formal acceptance ceremony into the fellowship of ACOG. I was so proud to be a part of what I thought was the pinnacle of my profession. Fast forward 20 years and now I wonder what has happened. Did they change or did I? ACOG does many good things and their continuing education and promotion of some research and programs have been a benefit. But, all too often of late, they have done some really stupid things. ACOG has released several Committee Opinions that defy evidenced based research, common sense and even the the very foundation of their organization that purports to respect a woman's autonomy and choice. I have written them for an explanation as to who decided and on what evidence and received only anecdotal hogwash from their executive vice president. Whether they or their blind supporters and shills like Amy agree with out of hospital birth is not the real question. To make statements based on "consensus opinion" that are purposely designed to remove choice is unscientific, unprofessional and belittles their organization. Those that are behind these pronouncements know what they are doing will influence policy, insurers and hospital administrators. It is an abuse of power and wholly unhypocratic. Patient autonomy and choice as well as honesty are the issue here. Whether readers, shills or ACOG are supportive of home birth and midwifery or not we should all strive for respect of the patient's intelligence, dignity and liberty. ACOG comes out last year with a statement against out of hospital birthing and now puts out a call for stories to back up their opinion? Isn't that sort of backwards, insulting and poor research technique? Simply embarassing. Not the pinnacle anymore.