Health Care Forum a success

Last night in Newbury Park, CA about 200 people attended a health care forum. The panel consisted of 8 physicians and one insurance executive. Each panelist got to speak about a topic of their choice for about 10 minutes and then questions from the audience were addressed. Many different points of view were presented in an atmosphere of respect. Problems with the current system and the proposals in Congress along with offers of solutions were all discussed. The consensus from all is that there is no reason to rush into a decision that will affect every American. Health care is not a commodity like "oil" that can be regulated and bartered. Health care is people. This issue needs to be treated with respect and transparency. We all agreed that health insurance is different from health care and that without personal responsibility and choice no solution will be successful. The event was videotaped and I am trying to see if it will be posted anywhere. SJF