Protecting Reproductive Rights at Delivery

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Here is my comment to the article by Jill Alliman

Thank you for this truthful and factual article. While birthing center births are not for everyone in America, I believe that choice still is. The assault on out of hospital birthing by the organized medical industrial lobby is not evidenced based nor does it value the basic rights of self determination and true informed consent. My conclusion, therefore, is that those against this option can only be motivated by economics, expediency or ignorance. I am hopeful that your organization and supporters will gradually spread the word about birthing options to the women of America and those that care about them. We may yet see the eventual shift to choice and a free market that responds by making home birth and birthing center birth a viable option. Possibly even leading to little specialty free standing maternity centers that support natural childbirth and midwifery while having a functioning operating room for that 5-10%. Just maybe a natural process like birth can be removed from large hospitals that treat pregnancy as a disease. The demise of the hospital based model of labor and delivery in America would not be a bad thing.