Words have meanings

The words "urgent" and "cooperation" seem to have different meanings depending on who utters them. When spoken by a bully one had better heed but when spoken by a small voice they can be ignored. Almost 2 weeks ago I sent certified letters to the OB committee chairman and the Chief of Staff asking for cooperation and clarification on breech deliveries at the Oxnard hospital. Since I am credentialed to perform breech deliveries I politely requested an urgent answer to my question regarding their restricting my ability to perform such an approved privilege. As of today, still no word and so 2 patients sit on the fence not knowing their fate.

Again, there is no supportive data or policy that says a woman must be forced into a c/section by the random fate of having a breech baby. Yet they do it anyway. I would encourage anyone to call the medical staff office at 805 988 2500 and leave a respectful message for the OB chairman to please call back and explain his position.