Mid November Update

Several weeks have passed and nothing new on the breech privilege front. I have patiently waited for the promised formation of a committee to discuss a breech protocol at my 2 hospitals. I have e-mails from September telling me the chairman would be in touch with me shortly. Well, at yesterdays OB Department meeting I did present my breech protocol and again reminded the chairman of the importance of addressing this issue. Patient's deserve the choice. We shall see how soon a meeting is set up.

I was interviewed by a writer from the Washington Post this week. She is doing a story on breech deliveries. She was introduced to me by Robin Guy, from the Coalition for Breech Birth in Ottawa, Canada. I will link the story when it comes out. She was very interested in what has happened at my hospitals and the process, or lack of process, that led to the banning of elective breech deliveries.

A group I have put together continues to research the options for a free standing maternity center. A place where the midwifery model of care and patient choice can occur free from the encumbrances of modern day hospitals. We are very excited about the project and have a highly motivated group. Anyone with any thoughts or suggestions feel free to contact me or Amy Tinney.

I will be going to Washington, DC again on December 9th for less than 12 hours to meet with our California Senators. I was asked by Docs4patientcare to lobby for reason and sanity in the healthcare debate. I plan to focus on just a couple of key points including the value of midwifery and the need for less special interest regulation that stifles innovative ideas that would lower cost and improve outcomes. There is so much about the massive health care bills circulating in the Senate and House that is just plain wrong that I don't even know where to start. So I will concentrate on just a couple of things. I am honored to go to represent the patient and practicing doctor. I have no delusion that anyone will actually listen but try, I must.

To all, a peaceful and loving Thanksgiving holiday. Stuart