AARP and the House Bill

Those of you who know me know that I am fervently against the house bill on "health care reform" that apparently passed yesterday. This abomination of a piece of mutating legislation that no one has read and no one understands has been called by the Wall Street Journal editorial page as "one of the worst pieces of legislation in American history". If you are not well informed on this issue please consider checking out and soon because it will negatively alter the basic nature of America . For the determination of Congress and the President to just do something, no matter if it makes no sense, is cost prohibitive, destructive to patient care and decried by the majority of Americans, should be frightening and maddening to all of us.

For AARP (the American Association of Retired Persons)to publically endorse this bill is baffling. Almost all experts agree this bill will hurt the elderly. So why would they endorse anything at this time. Why not wait until it has been reviewed, critiqued and examined by the CBO and the public? Why would they endorse a bill that is still changing and no one understands? Some claim that AARP has an economic interest in the billions from insurance policies they sell and that this piece of legislation will benefit them. Whatever the reason, their decison to endorse is premature and seems to throw their constituents under the bus. I called and had a cordial conversation with a representative of AARP. She had no answer for the question of "why now?". I told her that because they could not explain their position I could no longer support AARP and would not be renewing my membership. I would encourage you to call and ask questions for yourself.