Another absurdity brewing at Pleasant Valley Hospital

Pleasant Valley......sounds like such a wonderful place. Wrong! The pediatric and obstetrical committees are at it again. I was forwarned but not yet officially notified that the ob committee has recommended and the Medical Executive Committee has approved a new policy that will forbid midwives from delivering babies at this facility. They will have to deliver in Oxnard at St. John's Regional Medical Center. Pleasant Valley, our home hospital, across the street from our office will now be off limits to midwives. The two midwives who are credentialed to work there were never consulted or informed of any problems or reasoning behind this new punitive policy. Neither were the physician groups who support and collaborate with the midwives. It was all done in secret and without explanation. I suspect the workers in the cafeteria knew before we did.

Midwives have had admitting privileges at the twin campuses since the mid 90's. In the entire history of the takeover of these two hospitals by Catholic Healthcare West the medical staffs have been comingled. Credentialed Practitioners can admit to either campus. This move to restrict access to one of the campuses is unprecedented according to those who have been in the community for years. This is yet another assault on the ability of certified nurse midwives to care for low risk pregnant women in any setting by doctors and an administration who treat birth as a disease.

While we attempt to get to the bottom of this and possibly appeal to the board of directors, your phone calls to the administration expressing your displeasure would be appreciated. 805 988-2500 and ask for Administration. Mike Murray is the current CEO but has tendered his resignation. This, too, is curious timing. Anyway, Anne Kelley, MD is the new Chief of Staff. taking over for Dr. Niesluchowski. Juan Torres, is still the OB Chairman. Contacting any of these people or going directly to the Board of Directors may be futile but make your voice heard, please. SJF