Could not make this stuff up!

OK, so my office manager today tells me that Triwest (Tricare), the health insurer for the U.S. Military, has denied me payment for assisting Dr. Lara on a c/section. They also denied our appeal. Their reason: Triwest has decided they will no longer pay for an assistant at c/section. Explaining to them that an assistant at a c/section is the standard of care, medically necessary and mandated by the non-teaching hospital I work at fell on deaf ears. They have done some absurd things in the past but this was a new twist. I called, myself, and spoke to a customer service representative. Well, as you guessed that was a waste of time. He said the policy was decided by their medical director. I asked for his phone number or e-mail but was told they can only be contacted by writing a letter via regular mail. We sent one but does anybody think I will ever get an answer let alone be reimbursed for my work? I was also told that I was not allowed to bill the patient. I guess we are expected to come in at any hour of the day, give of our skill and time, accept liability and do it for free. To not help would only cause difficulties for the attending obstetrician and the patient. So we are now placed over another barrel, not of our choosing, with no recourse because it is the government. Am feeling abused and helpless....again. Hate that feeling. Ahhh, medicine....what a great profession.