Call for Birth Stories

I received this request from a group in Connecticut and would encourage us all to pass it on. It is important to gather to speak as one loud voice for birth choices. Thanks, Dr. F

Hello Everyone!
Connecticut Worst to First is working on a project that will be hopefully taking the national spotlight once it is finished. I am looking for women who are willing to speak about their negative birth experiences in hospital settings. Women who had unnecessary c-sections, rude comments, had to fight for their right to give birth vaginally, fight for VBAC, or other types of scary, sad, or shocking experiences.
There are so many women out there that are willing to tell their stories and if we can band them all together to help PREVENT others from going through the same thing, it will be worth the time and effort.

Anyone interested can contact me directly at
or at 203-615-3790

Please pass this e-mail along to as many women, providers, advocates, doula's or anyone else that may be able to help!

Danielle A. Elwood
Connecticut Maternity Care
Worst to First Campaign