Dr F. to attend NIH VBAC Conference

Along with a number of VBAC supporters I will be traveling to Bethesda, MD next week to attend the National Institute of Health's VBAC Consensus Conference. Experts will be presenting a number of issues and then coming out with a position paper which will likely carry great weight. Probably more so if the consensus is against VBAC as a supportive consensus is still unlikely to change the current entrenched hospital mindset about birth. In light of some of the recent controversial recommendations on mammograms and pap smears by the NIH I believe it is important to pay close attention to this event. I hope to learn and contribute and ask those questions that need to be asked and have remained unanswered by institutions that choose to ban VBACs. I will post what I learn on this site. You can follow along with the free webcasts at:


Just follow the prompts to the log-in site. Feel free to send me comments, ideas or suggestions and I will pass them on to the faculty. Kim Gregory, MD, who I have worked with for years at Cedars-Sinai is one of the contributors.