New Facebook Page

Hi All, One of you was energetic and thoughtful enough to create a Facebook page for me at:!/pages/Stuart-Fischbein-OBGYN/364977701696?ref=ts

So now fans (and foes) have another place to check and see what I am up to or supportive of. Most of the news has been very positive towards what we believed all along. Nothing new to report at my local hospitals and it is doubtful that the NIH VBAC conclusions will cause even a ripple of remorse or guilt on the part of administrators and doctors who continue to uphold several policies without supportive medical evidence. I will continue to try to work respectfully for a return to common sense and patient autonomy out here.

Danielle from Momotics has posted a survey of 861 post c/section moms which looks at the feelings of the actual patient. What a novel idea! Asking the actual patients affected by the interventions modern medicine performs how it affects them. you can find it at:

Lastly, I believe the BAC is planning another rally at the corner of Rose and Gonzalez this Friday at 11 AM. Please check out the BAC website for details. Dr. F