Micro vs. Macro:

Some of my dear friends are excited about the events on Capitol Hill yesterday. There are parts of the massive health reform bill that suit their agendas. Such is the case with the Mama Campaign people who have done really good work in improving access and payment to CPMs. Or, the portion of the bill that improves access to health coverage for those in need. Worthy objectives, yes. While this sort of "Micro" thinking may be personally satisfying for a worthy agenda I would like to caution my friends from too much euphoria. For, in my opinon, the "Macro" of this bill, the corrupted process by which it came to pass and the inevitable intrusion by tax, mandate or yet to be determined legal quandries into our lives, will make America worse off. Those of you who know me, know I cherish personal autonomy and responsibility over the collective. Soon to follow will come the poison in this pill. Restrictions on choices and mandates on behavior with unforseeable costs and debt from a class of elites whose leftist philosophy believes, truly, that they know best. Watch for ads on TV frightening you or seducing you. Soon to come will be the tax incentives or punishment for behavior that they think is good or bad. One size fits all is not an American value. For me, this assault on our individuality transcends political bickering. I don't trust big government. But you guys know that. Their track record at ruining things they touch is pretty good. American education is a good example. My point here is not to suggest how you should think. Only that it is important to think. As we fight for the causes we believe in don't forget to look up and outside at the bigger picture of where this confusing, massive mandate is taking us. Thanks, Dr F.