Another Casualty

Here is an article sent to me by Laurel Phillips in Santa Barbara from today's NY Times. Another sad example of the loss of our inalienable rights due to economic forces and fears of litigation. Is this the Health Care Reform we desire? And "Tort reform is off the table" says our President and Congress.

We cannot feel despair. For me, this sort of story motivates me even more to take positive action. Reinforcing my belief that normal birth needs to be taken out of the hospital model. Market forces would support free standing women's health and maternity centers. There are enough midwives and supportive doctors around to make this a reality. What is needed are motivated patients and funding. Keep spreading the dream and the right circumstances will fall in to place.

Amy Tinney and I are working with some leads and putting a business plan in place for a Los Angeles site. Any support or expertise in this realm would be welcome. Thanks, Dr. F

N.Y. / REGION | April 10, 2010
Big City: With the Closing of a Hospital, Women's Childbirth Options Diminish
Mothers-to-be will lose a midwife-friendly alternative after a decision by the board of St. Vincent's Medical Centers to close its flagship hospital in Greenwich Village.