No news is not necessarily good news

Well, locally, there is no news to report. The BAC held it's third in the ongoing monthly protests against the indefensible banning of midwives from Pleasant Valley Hospital. No official word from the administration concerning a reversal of their blunder. Continued delays from apologizing to the midwives and those of us who support them are unacceptable. The local press has dropped the ball and there is the appearance of apathy. However, behind the scenes we are doing what we can to keep this travesty on the radar screen. Off the record sources have indicated that some in corporate CHW are not too happy with the St. John's administration. CEO Mike Murray is leaving for unknown reasons. Because they never tell the truth about such things we can only speculate as to why.

There has been no movement from the OB committee on its unwritten ban on Breech deliveries. In light of the NIH VBAC concensus concluding that the banning of VBACs at many hospitals around the country is not evidenced based one would hope that reasonable minds would rethink the banning of other evidenced supported procedures like Breech delivery. But then, fairness, logic, science and collegiality are not values of the current hospital committee. And, since, these defacto bans do not hinder their practices there is no need for them to be reconsidered. Every week that passes continues to hurt their reputation, their bottom line and the patients of our community as many are becoming informed and looking elsewhere for birth options.

My hope is to see a renaissance of common sense and return of birth choices which will include an eventual disbanding or reorganization of the committee structure in the OB department. I will continue to write, speak and try to work with those in the administration who still remember their mission statement. Please continue to make your opinions known to CHW through e-mails and letters and protests, when necessary. The BAC website has the contact information. I would also urge you to join and become active with the Birth Action Coalition at . Thanks, Dr. F