Well, hello again. I apologize for being silent for so long. I was strategically waiting until things played themselves out here locally and now they have. Despite being vindicated by the ACOG review panel and in spite of the stellar record of care given by me and my Woman's Place colleagues over the years the administration at my hospital was still very unappreciative of my abilities and my worth in the community. Rather than face further ugliness and negativity I have chosen to withdraw my application for reappointment at my local hospitals. I am excited for all the positives the future has to hold for me as I now am free to head in the direction my long journey as an advocate of birth choices has meant for me to go. More on that to follow in the days to come. Below is a letter of explanation I have been distributing to patients this past week. I would be honored to hear your comments.

Dear Patients of The Woman’s Place,

Many of you are aware that I have long supported birth as a natural process and have advocated for changes in the current “birth as illness” medical model of obstetrics practiced at our local hospitals. The Woman’s Place, Inc. has been a haven for the collaboration between midwives and obstetricians and it has been a true joy to provide this option to so many of you. After much thought and consideration I have decided to stop delivering babies in the hospital setting here in Ventura County. This decision will allow me the opportunity to pursue new ventures including doing some birthing center and home deliveries while allowing me the freedom and time to create my dream of a free-standing maternity center run by midwives and supportive physicians. I will continue to work in the Camarillo office and perform ultrasound, office procedures, and gynecologic exams and see prenatal patients there in support of my colleagues, Michelle Marine, MD and Lynn Olson, CNM. Dr. Marine and I have been working together now for almost a year and I am confident in her dedication and ability to provide you with the same excellent standard of care you have come to expect from The Woman’s Place, Inc. My hope is that you will continue to rely on us for that excellence.

My presence in the office will remain and our great staff of Judy, Mimi, Wendy and Lynn, along with Dr. Marine and I are available if you should have any questions. For those of you who might like to have me attend your birth, that option will also be available. I have worked for 15 years with the Sunrise Birth Center in Ventura and its founder, Karni Seymour Brown, who has graciously agreed to collaborate with me should you desire an out of hospital birth at home or the birthing center with a licensed midwife and me in attendance. Please feel free to make an appointment with me to discuss this option.

Change is always unsettling and decisions like this can produce both anxiety and excitement. I know it will be difficult for some of you who expected me to attend your delivery but I hope you will come to see this decision as a positive in the long run. It will give me the time and freedom to advocate for normal birth options and choice here in Ventura County and nationally. It has been an honor to have delivered so many healthy Ventura county babies to happy and fulfilled Ventura County mothers these past 15 years. For me, the time is right to work towards the goal of giving women another choice of where and how to give birth. Thank you for your understanding and continued loyalty to The Woman’s Place, Inc.


Stuart J. Fischbein MD FACOG

Next up is the open house this Sunday from 11 to 3 at the new Sanctuary Birth Center in Mar Vista. I will be there with my co-author, Victoria Clayton, signing copies of our newly released, "Fearless Pregnancy, second edition", while soaking up the warm and nurturing vibes from the wonderful people there. Please stop by and say hello. Info can be found at their website: www.birthsanctuary.com

It feels liberating to be blogging again. Good things are going to continue to happen if we choose them to be. Dr. F