Rediscovering the joy in childbirth.

As you must have heard by now, I am no longer attending deliveries at the hospitals in Ventura County (See previous blog). Turns out that things have evolved as they should and I am much happier for it. It is a liberating feeling to be away from such a toxic environment and find myself looking to the future with great optimism. Life is made up of the choices we make and I choose to look to the positive.

I was fortunate enough to attend my first home birth this past Tuesday as the primary caregiver. Sharing the joy with a wonderful couple who opened their home to me, doula Jen and midwife Karni. This was a beautiful early morning delivery just after sunrise and for me it renewed the joy to be found in my profession. The path to this point has been rough and winding and full of obstacles but I am very lucky to have reached this point. I am grateful to all of you who have supported me in the journey to find a way to practice my trade and use my skills in the way nature and common sense intended.

I would hope that you will spread the word to your friends and clients that I am fortunate to be able to now offer an out of hospital birthing experience as a choice to women and families who are interested in having a doctor collaborating with a midwife. I will be working with Karni in Ventura and the lovely staff at Sanctuary in Mar Vista as well as continuing to practice in my 2 offices during the week. Anyone with questions can be referred to my Century City phone number 310 282-8613.

We know that normal birth deserves much more reverence and respect than it has been given. I am proud to be associated with all of you who undertand this and respect the wonders of the human body and the mounting evidence that supports our perspective. Ultimately, if hospitals and organized medicine will not evolve to meet this knowledge and demand then women will look elsewhere. We need to be there to meet these needs. Lets support the development of the birthing center model such as Sanctuary and Santa Barbara Birth Center, work toward the development of a freestanding maternity center model and continue to educate the next generation of care providers and pregnant women. Emphasize the "normal" in low risk birth and spread the knwoledge that childbirth is a time of great human joy. Dr.F