First Waterbirth

Well, I am happy to announce I had the privilege of assisting on my first home birth in water. After 27 years of the lithotomy position it was really enlightening to experience another way. I was honored to be present for the birth of Eva and want to thank her parents for their trust. I also want to thank Karni and all my midwife and birthing advocate colleagues for their support during this transition. It seems the demand for information and alternatives to hospital birthing is growing. I am getting quite a few inquiries from women looking into all options. It feels really good to give them an open and honest discussion about choices. I have been contacted by women with previous c/sections, twins, breeches and medical issues. All seeking just an honest discussion about risks and benefits of their individual situation. It is with great respect that I thank those of you who send potential clients my way. While out of hospital birthing is not for everyone, the choice of how and where to give birth belongs to the woman and her family. All good things, Dr. F