C-section rates higher at for-profit hospitals

From todays San Francisco Chronicle. This link below was sent to me by Brian Gilmore of Rumi Baby.
Looking only at low risk birth, women were 17% more likely to have a c/section at a for profit hospital than at a non-profit one. Each of us can draw our own conclusions but knowing what we know about what motivates many hospitals and physicians these days it is not surprising. In 2008, our practice in Camarillo at The Woman's Place had a 6% primary c/section rate compared to a greater than 20% primary rate at our local hospital overall in low risk women. I believe the difference is using the midwifery model vs. the obstetrical model for labor management.
This information has to rely on reporting of birth rates and methods by each institution. This may raise some question about honesty in reporting. I suspect the data comes from birth records so there is likely to be some credibility here. Just another reason pregnant women need to be educated and informed of choices, benefits and risks so keep spreading the word to your clients, family and friends.

Thanks, Dr F